Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to my artistic side

I began writing poems in early school days. However, several of my likable compositions we lost along the years. Some were written in books which, eventually got misplaced. Other poems which were on my PC, were lost during a series of PC problems that compelled me to format my hard drive. Since then I gave up on poems and had been abstaining from poetry for over 2 years.

Now having revived myself at my old quirk, I think publishing all my poems here will be the best safeguard against losing any more of my works. Indeed, poetry for me is nothing less than a quirk as my folks describe me as an insensitive and irresponsible spoiled brat, who has no taste in any kind of art. And not many people disagree with that opinion. But some how, with my father being a respectable poet in our periphery, I just couldn't escape the hereditary propensity towards poetry.

I admit that my poems do lack all the imagination that poets like Bierce and Yeats infuse their efforts with. But after all, I write poems to amuse myself, and not for others. Most of my poems are about memorable stories I have heard or instances which I would like to recall to people. Most often they are devoid of any deeper meaning.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them. Your comments are most welcome.


Alice McDuff said...

Hello Gaurav,

I checked out your site and I can tell you that in my opinion, contrary to what you may think, you have inherited the poetic verve and talent of your father:-)

Your poetry is funny, vivid and picturesque. Every poem tells a little story, and I got involved in every single of those stories! I will definitely check out your PRIMARY BLOG, as soon as I find the time, and I will follow this one for sure:-)

Keep up your work, Oscar Wilde was an irresponsible spoiled brat as well, but it didn´t affect the quality of his work, on the contrary;-)

x Alice

Gaurav said...

Thank you Alice, for your comment. I am glad you liked my poems. I am working on another one at the moment, and I hope it comes out as good as, or perhaps better than the previous ones.

Looking forward for something on your blog too.