Friday, October 9, 2009

Heard that before

My most recent poem, after I got back to my old hobby I abandoned 2 years back. I have made some changes to the poem, after suggestions from fellow poets from Poetry Junction.

Heard that before

'My dream', he said, 'is to be
Famous, popular, and rich filthy'
His father chuckled with little heed
'Ha!, I have heard that before, indeed'

But he grew up fast, in a finger's snap
Put a little deed in his career map
He missed his goals, messed his plan
Ended up as 'could have been' man.

Little left of his old ambitious thrust,
His dreams naught, but dreams dust
His life writ, a humble tome
Wife and kids, a modest home.

One day his son, aged thirteen plus,
Said, "I want to be richer than Croesus",
And the same chuckle he gave his son,
"Indeed, long back, I've heard that one"


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