Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lion's Rule

My first poem in this blog is the fist poem I wrote. It was long time back in school, and i lost the original copy of it long time back. This is a prototype I recreated of it from sheer memory. Hope you'll excuse the lack of imagination since it was my first attempt at poetry back in school days. The following is a true story.

Historical note:Genghis's khan's brother's name is not 'K'...i forgot the real name and was too lazy to search for picked a random mongol name (specifically from the Age of empires pc video game). Also in actual story it might not have been the tuna fish, but i don't know exactly what kind of fish swims in mongol rivers so i made that up too. Rest of the story is a historical fact.

Lion's rule

Long ago in the Mongolian land
where sun burns over plains of sand
there were tribes of different kind
who battled each other from time to time.

And so as per the story long
One of these tribes, among,
was born a boy called Temujin
and we all knew what he grew up in.

One day Temujin with his spear,
went along a local river,
to hunt a fish so that he could
have it as his evening food.

And thus to fill his evening dish,
came flipping along a tuna fish.
Little did the tuna know,
of its hunter and so,

It came swapping its joyous fin,
under the shadow of Temujin.
Young Temujin struck his spear
and it cut across the tuna's rear.

He picked up the fish, and indeed,
placed it along a nearby weed,
and went to the river with his spear and knife
to claim another marine life.

But then to spoil the hunting game,
his elder brother Kushluk came,
and sneaked up from the hill behind,
like a villain cat with wicked mind.

He eyed the tuna with an evil smirk,
to reap the fruit of his brother's work,
and hence according to the plan he hatched,
crawled up the weed, the fish he snatched.

But, before the fish he could salt,
Temujin came up and said "Halt!,
Elder brother, with all respect due,
return my fish, I say to you."

Kuskluk said,"Young brother, no,
I am elder to you, boy you know.
So I'll claim this brotherly tax
Go hunt another, and relax.

Said Temujin," I don't care,
Eat my fish, don't you dare.
By the providence of the Lord divine,
I swear I'll claim whats rightly mine."

And Kushluk sprinted away in vain,
as Temujin held up his spear again.
A very brutal aim that day he took,
as we can see in the history book.

He hurled the spear at his brother tall,
and Kushluk died before he could fall.
Temujin claimed his fish, as he said,
without a tear for his brother dead.

Temujin was thirteen then, darn!
Today we know him as Genghis Khan.
Thus at thirteen he killed his first
to satisfy his huge blood thirst.

And he forged an army of men from mice,
and attacked everything from flame to ice.
His horsemen rode with a lightning pace,
and he conquered one fifth of earth's surface.

Later he built a school to teach,
to train young warriors, promising each.
And to all his pupils, and many other,
he told the tale of killing his brother.

In the end he would put them a task,
the gist of the story he would ask,
and the young failing to answer, learn,
to Genghis Khan they would turn.

And the Khan would say,"Boys you know,
I am your supreme ruler, and so,
every single man must fear me,
whomsoever he may be.

Brother or sister, whoever they be,
you cannot live by stealing from me.
Like a lion who lives in forests wild,
who doesn't like to hurt a child.

But when it comes to his lunch and dinner,
he hunts anything, fat or thinner.
Wolf or hound, be it anything,
flee you must before the jungle king.

Mercy and kindness are virtues of a fool.
Ruthless you must be in the Lion's rule."

- Gaurav

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