Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Choosing Friends

Here's a different approach from me. I have tried to sum up a quote in the movie Julius Caesar into this verse. I have changed my usual rhyme scheme in this poem, and tried to make it short, both in length and width, to add some versatility in my poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

The quote is said by Pompey Magnus to Sulla, when asked about his opinion on Caesar (according to the movie).

Choosing friends

Who censure you
with no pretense,
to make them friends
is indeed sense.

Their words may seem
cruel to hear,
but they do speak
with hearts sincere.

Who smile at you
do naught, but flatter
of them beware!
You'd know better.

Great men have lost
not by enemy's strife;
but were struck down
by a turncoat's knife.

1 comment:

Alice McDuff said...

This is an exceptional idea and concept!

Really different from your usual style, but full of truth and insight. An interesting and stimulating read, I enjoyed it.